3 Ways to Increase Hotel and Restaurant Customers Reviews: Actionable Strategies

Customer reviews are actually very important for most people because it turns out that the majority of clients tend to read and rely on them before visiting a business. Online reviews affect business ranking in the search engines (the visibility on the Internet) that leads to which search results will be clicked on or not. Naturally, the more popular site attracts more customers. So let’s find out how to increase online reviews and become more visible in the business!

Make sure your customers have a positive experience

Try to think why you lack reviews. Maybe your restaurant has opened very recently and not so many people have visited it yet, or maybe your diner is too mediocre and it lacks sparkle which would inspire to write a positive review? Either way, you should dive into some work. Maybe you should  increase the quality of your food – think how could the particular delicious dish taste even better. Maybe it lacks some special spices, or maybe you could use slightly better products? Or you just need to change the shape or colour of the plate? Reconsider your staff performance. Give tips to your servers, share a good article or even a book about improving staff skills. Rethink your environment. Maybe all you lack is hanging some stylish pictures on the walls, or placing an extraordinary plant in the hall. Embrace your imagination!

Invite to leave feedback 

Something that seems so natural and obvious to you, can be totally unusual and new to someone else. Yet, you can change it in just a couple of minutes just by introducing that certain thing to your clients. Yes, I am talking about reviews. Let your clients know about the possibility of giving feedback on your webpage or app. Do not ask them for it before they have finished their pleasant meal. Better invite them to share their experience when they are about to leave your restaurant – first ask them if they enjoyed the food and the whole experience, and then explain your guests that reviews help other customers who are searching for them to get a true perspective of that restaurant. For instance, in hotel business there is a very common and efficient practice to send your guests e-mail feedback invitations. The invitation should be short, clear and the design should look stylish and neat. Let them know how long will the survey take (not more than 5 minutes) and provide a deadline for it, because mentioning a specific date increases survey responses.

Use loyalty apps

One of the slightly more obvious ways to ask for reviews is by using an app. Today mobile phones are used almost as much as computers, and some would even claim that apps have become more popular than websites since it’s easier to get notifications on the apps and they even work offline. Today it’s possible to set your GPS settings so that it finds you the best closest restaurants to your location, and then it sends you notifications about their offers. It is incredibly convenient for people that are currently wandering in the city but are not sure where they are heading. And if they choose your restaurant, they will see your message or notification that’s inviting to leave feedback via the app.

Online reviews are trusted as personal recommendations since usually you can even see users’ name or take a look on their social media profile. You can even see how many other people „liked“ or responded to the review, and build your own opinion about the place. Posting a review encourages others to share their experience, and the more positive reviews they receive, the better their

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