4 Reasons Why Chefs Quit their Jobs and How to Avoid That

Many young people that graduate from schools dream about becoming chefs. And that is totally understandable – cooking is a creative job, you can make other people happy, and there is even a possibility to become a celebrity. Most of chefs admit that their job is amusing and fun, and they could not imagine themselves sitting in front a computer in a dull office. However, today chefs have a tendency to quit their jobs. This article will explain the main reasons of this behaviour and will also point out how to prevent it.

The job requires a lot of energy and is very unstable

The chefs job demands a lot of patience, stamina, quick reaction, and other traits, and that’s why it becomes extremely tiring. Not only you have to stand over a hot oven cooking all day long,  but you are also forced to work long hours, nights and weekends. And, unfortunately, you do not get very well paid. That’s why most of chefs sooner or later quit their jobs, because this kind of rhythm of life does not fit well for all people. Recruiters will help you to find the best person for this position by using special tests that  determine if the candidate is the right choise for this job.

The proportion between work versus reward is inexpiable

It takes a lot to become a great chef. As all professionals in different fields, great chefs have invested a lot of time and effort to become as skilled as they are now. Typically chef is the chief cook in a restaurant, so it takes many years of studies and hard work to reach this goal. Yet, usually most of the chefs do not make as much as others specialists in a different trade. This makes people unsatisfied and that’s why many of them decide to requalify. But there are still many great chefs that are passionate about their jobs, and many nice companies that offer eligible salaries. Recruiters have a great knowledge in the market and they will help the right candidate to be found by his dream company.

They are not satisfied with their team

Sometimes people leave their jobs because of the work, but quite often there is an other reason for it. It is the team, or more particularly – the manager that makes people look for a better workplace. Employees can tolerate a lot when they really need a job, but also only until a certain level. There is a great saying, „treat others as you wish to be treated“. Of course, everyone is very unique and special, and some things that can apply to you do not apply for others, but the main message of this golden rule is just to be nice with everyone around you. How could recruiters solve the terrible boss problem? Well, they could not change the qualities of the manager, but they definetily are qualified to build a strong and working together team.

The employees are leaving because of the company culture

When former employees of a certain company are being asked about the reasons they quit their job, one of the most popular answers is „the culture“. In other words, this means that they were unsatisfied with the environment which they had to work in. In these circumastances, usually the employees leave within six months – when they have become more familiar with the company. Is it possible to prevent this from happening, you may ask. Actually, yes. Experienced recruiters know how important it is to properly broadcast company culture to the candidates, and they will make sure that the conversations with the interviewees reflect it, and that only the right people get attracted to the job offer.

Great employees are usually harder to keep ahold of, since they tend to leave for other offers. But very often the problem lies in poor hiring decisions, and that’s why you should hire through a successful recruitment agency.

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