How Companies Employ AI Technology to Snatch Top Talents

The fight for talents is still raging in the labor market, while the recruitment process is hindered by long candidate screening. However, HR specialists are turning to AI solutions to headhunt ideal fits and even steal them from other companies.

October 5, 2022.

Talent shortage is still a sore issue in many companies—there are over 10M open positions compared to only 6M new hires. Companies are therefore fighting for the best talents—even the ones who are already employed.

AI-based recruitment has been one of the recent tricks to select prospective candidates for a position, and its benefits have been recognized as numerous.

“Using this digital headhunting technique HR specialists can make strategic decisions regarding candidate hiring and selection, microlearning about certain recruitment aspects, employee experience, payroll and benefits, and workforce scheduling,” Diana Blažaitienė, remote work expert and founder of Soprana Personnel International, which is a recruitment and personnel rent solutions agency, said.

How AI-based recruitment works

According to the remote work expert, companies can use AI to compile questionnaires that are custom-tailored to the needs of the business and help to sort out the candidates more efficiently. The AI system determines whether the candidate fits the company’s profile and sends the details to the employer, who can schedule an interview.

Soprana Personnel International has tested a digital hiring tool created by Jobilla, a Finnish digital recruitment agency that employs AI. An application for a customer support position was created with AI to see how it performs against traditional headhunting platforms, like LinkedIn or job boards. While one of the job boards drew as many as 353 views, only six candidates applied. However, the AI tool allowed for 15K candidates to view the job listing and for 64 to apply within the first days, resulting in 3 hires. While regular hiring takes up to 40 minutes to assess whether the candidate is fit for the position, the AI recruitment program did this in seconds.

AI facilitates enticing talents who have jobs

Employers look for candidates who meet their criteria and bring in a quality set of skills. Yet here lies one of the main issues in talent acquisition—ideal candidates usually already have a job, which encumbers the headhunting process. Nevertheless, AI-generated questionnaires allow potential candidates to fill them out on their mobile phones without wasting time updating and attaching CVs. The process takes minutes as opposed to traditional recruitment practices and might interest talents in a position they have never even considered before.

“The global pandemic has taught people to be more cautious about changing jobs because they are afraid to become unemployed. So talents with jobs are especially hard to snatch away, which is where AI recruitment comes in,” Ms. Blažaitienė added. “It’s much faster and does not require additional preparation. This type of recruitment solution is like a dating app in that it matches employers with the desired talents without the added hassle of paperwork,” Ms. Blažaitienė added.