Selecting Hotel Staff: What Could the Recruiter do Better Than You?

Many recruitment industry critics keep forecasting the decadence of agencies, but actually this field keeps growing and elaborating its techniques. If you are looking for hotel staff, such as receptionists, cleaners, maids, doormans, consierges etc., there are many reasons why hiring a recruitment company would be the best decision. Recruiters are competent advisers, they know a lot about the market , but there are more reasons why this decision would profoundly benefit you. This article will present them to you.

You will save a lot of time

The hiring process is much more time and energy consuming than it can seem at first. Most tiresome is the first stage where you have to select the applicants. An experienced recruiter could carry out this task much quicker than you. So what particularly could recruiters do to ease your job? They could do partial screening of specialists, which means making the initial screening phone calls to the most suitable candidats and checking the references from former workplaces. The recruiters could also make the complete screening which would save even more time to you because the candidate will be chosen for you by using a special 8-step algorithm test, also emotional intelligence, sales competence and other tests. In this way you will have a more detailed evaluation of the candidate because the recruiter will devote all his or her time for this.

You will be provided a recruitment guarantee

Many companies are considering to hire a recruitment company but there are some factors that hold them back from it. Usually it comes from the lack of knowledge how does recruitment work. One of the biggest fears is „what if I am not happy with the employee I get and I have already paid the money?“ You should not worry about it because you will be provided with a 3-month guarantee to ensure that if you decide that the employee that was selected by the recruitment agency is not a good fit for your company, the agency will find you a new staff member free of charge. This ensures you that the recruitment company will be interested in finding you the best choice.

Recruiters might find the best candidates faster than yourself

As recruiters deal with searching for candidates evey day and they thoroughly know the market, they may have access to the best of them. Some candidates can be hard to find because they are particularly selective. Moreover, not everyone responds to job advertisements. Recruiters will know how to reach even the most passive candidate (that might not be really seeking for a job but could get interested in a new opportunity) because agencies have many networks that could be unnoticed by an in-house team. Your company will benefit from the fact that the recruitment company could find the right person sooner than later, since they might already have the perfect candidate registered in their system.

They will do detailed background checks

Every employee would prefer to know the background of his potential candidates. This is a natural request since no one likes to buy a pig in a poke. So in this way you can prevent hiring an unethical person that can ruin your business. The recruitment company will cautiously check references and feedback not only in candidate’s CV, but they will also contact former employers and verify this information factually. As recruiters have a lot of experience in background checks, they know how essential the speed and quality of your background screening program have to be.

These are the main reasons why many companies use a reliable recruitment agency to find the candidates they want. Building a long lasting relationship with a recruitment company could highly benefit for the future, because over the time the recruiter and the employee seeker will understand each other’s needs better and will co-work more efficiently.

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