4 styles of leadership. Which one fits you the most?

Recruitment is a process that requires a lot of energy, dedication and attention to detail, especially, when looking for a candidate to work at a higher position. A good manager must be a master of both business and leadership. In most theoretical cases, leadership is considered to be a process during which influence is passed onto other people. So, in order to lead successfully, first you have to decide which leadership type matches your personality. Below are the four main styles of leadership and a test that will help you decide which type of leader you are.

The Classic Entrepreneur
People who fit this leadership style are usually more goal-oriented than team-oriented. In fact, they do care about the company and its people, but maybe not as much as they care for signing that big contract or getting the best deal on a specific product. Classic entrepreneurs feel great when they are in the spotlight of different meetings and conferences, they enjoy sharing their thoughts. When it comes to making big calls or decisions, they tend to focus on different financial calculations that would yield the biggest return.

The Modern Missionary 
This type of leaders are similar to the classical entrepreneur, in a sense of financial success, but what separates them is the need of being acknowledged and noticed. Modern Missionaries tend to stand-out in the crowd with their original and creative way of thinking. For these leaders competition is not a priority, instead, they will rather strive to gain influence and initiate changes. If there is a deal that might not yield that much of revenue, but will come with some desired values, you can count on these types of leaders to make that deal happen.

The Problem Solver
Problem solvers take pride in their knowledge and experience that accumulated throughout their careers. These types of leaders tend to have a strong opinion and a conservative attitude of – if it worked in the past, it will surely work now. However, problem solvers do not shy away from making big decisions, in fact, they are the first ones to jump onto the biggest problems and they are constantly looking for new solutions, hint their name. Finally, these leaders can be easily recognized, as they always show initiative and make decisions based on their own instincts rather than listening to others.

The Solution Finder
These leaders are known for their unorthodox decision-making skills. Solution finders believe that their own brain is not enough to come up with solutions; they look for ideas in places where others would never even consider looking. This type of leaders take advantage of their creative skill-set, but that does not make them any less responsible when it comes to making big decisions. Solution finders tend to include as many people as possible when generating new ideas and believe that communication is the key.

However, there is no single leadership style that could work for every company. Leadership type depends on various factors such as manager’s personal characteristics, as well as, company’s goals, values and culture. That is why a good leader should always use his strengths to create a stronger and more efficient corporate culture.

It is important to understand that no leader is born, leaders are made. This is a process that requires a lot of work and dedication, but practice makes perfect. Eventually, a good leader will be able to motivate others, lead by example and strive for success, regardless of whether he is a problem solver or a modern missionary.

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