4 things that your employees are trying to tell you

It sometimes happens that conflicts between co-workers come up and no one really knows the right way to deal with them. In most of cases the scenario is this: managers speak and employees listen. However, you, as a manager, should always be ready to listen to what your employees have to say. Whether it is good news or bad news, you should try and find the time to be available for them.

“Improve your ways of communication”

First and foremost, make sure that you are aware of how the tasks are being completed and don’t be judgmental if the end result is poor. At times, employees might feel frightened or uncomfortable to tell you that they didn’t fully understood what you were asking them to do. In order to avoid miscommunication, make sure you explain the instructions, expectations or guidelines very clearly, so there is no misunderstanding of how the end result should look like. Use examples from your past experience, share some of your knowledge, this will help to prevent miscommunication from re-occurring.


Most of the employees will never find enough courage or “guts” to tell their managers that they are just simply bored, because managers might feel like the employees are either slacking or not having enough workload. However, not having enough work might not be the real reason, in fact, the actual behind it might be that the tasks are either made or assigned poorly. Instead, try to combine creativity and innovation when creating and assigning various tasks, because even the most plain and boring tasks might be converted into interesting and satisfying. Try using a new computer program to make the task more “fun”, if you will.  Also, try to organize some group projects that would help to break out of the routine and monotony.

“Show me some respect”

Equality is very important. One thing is for certain that no matter what position you hold, whether you’re a CEO, an accountant, a salesperson, or a janitor, you are a professional in that area and you should never disrespect a person in a higher or a lower position than you. Everyone knows how to do their job, so instead of critiquing others, show them respect, ask for their input and advice, congratulate on a job well-done and thank them for their help.

“Hear me out”

 A lot of times, a company might seem to operate perfectly fine: great HR management, good public image, high revenues and much more, but a lot of times there are problems inside of the company that no one wants to talk about. It is important not to ignore any of the input or ideas that your employees are willing to share with you in order to make the company more successful. Sometimes an employee that has been working in the company for many years might not notice anything wrong, but a newcomer might see something that needs correction right away. So, make sure you listen to what new employees are trying to tell you, because they might bring some new and innovative ideas and solutions to already existing problems.

Content retrieved from: https://www.soprana.no/en/blog/4-things-that-your-employees-are-trying-to-tell-you.