5 outsourcing applications every company should consider

HR outsourcing is an excellent solution for many companies as it allows you to transfer some of the HR-related responsibilities to a group of professionals. However, in order to boost productivity and make your HR department work more efficiently, and deliver desired results on time, some intelligent and innovative HR software tools can be taken into consideration. In this article, you can find the top 5 applications that are proven to be useful and effective.

  1. Bamboohr is a great tool for small and medium-sized businesses which helps with general HR functions. They have a wide range of comprehensive and agile solutions for different industries. Bamboohr enables you to easily process and access employees’ data, track performance management, facilitate hiring and onboarding processes, collect employee feedbacks and finally, it will help you with accessing specific documents, which means, less paperwork will be needed. Lastly, it allows other companies to set their own preferences and a wide variety of integrations can be connected and customized as well.
  2. Paychex- is considered to be one of the best payroll software in today’s market. The reason for their increasing popularity is the ability to handle all possible payment cycles. However, they also offer fantastic HR outsourcing services, which include compliance services, administration related tasks, insurance, and retirement services, and of course, a significant amount of professionals who are happy to handle your workforce analytics, hire and train your employees and manage some of the employee’s benefits.
  3. Zoho People- is an excellent application for companies that want to keep track of employees’ time and attendance. It has a huge range of features that can be especially useful when the company has a big workflow and a lot of employees. With Zoho People, you can save your time because you can use some of their most popular features, as for instance companies’ structuring, onboarding, and details about the vacations and leaves. If you want your personnel to operate in a pleasant working environment then definitely consider the Zoho People app as it can easily manage the key HR operations.
  4. Zenefits’- is a unique platform as it wasn’t created specifically for outsourcing services but rather for HR operations, however, it is a great alternative as it has similar features and it serves the same purpose as other outsourcing services. It has a user-friendly interface and a self-service portal, which is relatively easy to manage and update. Onboarding processes, mobile accessibility, reporting, compensations, scheduling and so much more can be offered if you decide to use Zenefits’ as your next HR solution.
  5. Insperity- offers full-service HR solutions for medium-sized businesses. The software offers two types of plans. The first plan is for companies from 5-150 employees, with an HR plan suitable for small businesses that do not have enough in-house experience and couldn’t afford such services themselves. As for the second plan, it is suitable for corporations up to 5000 employees. It delivers similar services, however, the bigger focus is on the productivity and profit of the organization. No matter if you are a small business or a huge corporation Insperity will take care of your main HR operations and supervise your business.