5 things that harm employee-manager relationship

Conflicts between employees are happening all the time. In most cases, it is usually because of the different personalities, expectations or personal interests. It is very hard to maintain a conflict-free environment in the workplace, since there are just too many differences floating around in the office, regardless of the type of industry you’re working in. Here are the 5 things that causes most of the conflicts around the office.

Different approaches towards big tasks.

There are times when having a different approach towards some specific project can be a good thing, because both, the employee and the manager, are focusing on doing their best. However, sometimes that is not the case, especially when the end result of a project is interpreted in a very different manner. For example, if there is a project and you, as a manager, are trying to work everything out to the smallest of detail, you follow the guidelines and you want it to be perfect. That is great. However, even though, your employee wants the project to be perfect as well, maybe he decides to ignore the tiny details and lets his creativity and imagination do the work. Finally, you get two different results and that is a big problem. Something that might help you to solve the problem, is to try and find a compromise towards the different work styles you have in your workplace. As a manager, you want everyone be on the same page.

Irresponsible employee.

We all get sick and sometimes we also miss a day or two of work for some specific reason, that is normal. However, if it starts to happen on consistent basis then a manager might get suspicious. That is never a good thing, because once the manager starts doubting his employee the chances of conflict increases. Of course, an employee might think that all of the absences make sense and are excused, but if the manager starts to feel like the employee is trying to take advantage of those absences then the end result will never be good.

Changes in the management.

High levels of management rotation are never a good thing, especially for the employees. They might feel stressed out and uncomfortable with the new managers. Not only employees need to adapt to the new management, but they also need to build their relationships from scratch and that is something that not everyone is capable of doing. Sometimes, employees are poorly informed about the possible change in the management, this might weaken the trust they have in their managers, as well as, lower their levels of productivity.


This is a big one. If either employees or managers are speaking their mind about other people’s race, gender, nationality or level of education, then the conflict is bound to happen. Discrimination can wipe off all of your previous accomplishments and you might never get that promotion that you were eager to get for such a long time. A workplace full of discrimination is never going to succeed, so the experts recommended to participate in different seminars and lectures that talk about how to prevent discrimination.

Personal interests.

Nowadays, an office can be considered as a pot full of different personalities, cultures and attitudes. No wonder why the chances of conflict are high. For example, a manager that has been in the company for a long time, might think that in order to complete the task successfully, she should rely on her own personal experience, while the employee, that has nothing to lose, will try to experiment, act spontaneously and come up with a non-traditional solution. That is why communication is very important in any office, not only it can prevent from a potential conflict, but it can also increase the chances of succeeding.

Content retrieved from: https://www.soprana.no/en/blog/5-things-that-harm-employee-manager-relationship.