6 Restaurant Promotion Ideas

No one would argue that having a successful restaurant is fun and exciting. The job is creative, you are meeting many new people, you can be your own boss, and, well, it is pleasing to see a satisfied eater. However, today the restaurant industry is as competitive as it has ever been, and it is getting harder and harder to stay in the business. Unfortunately, the majority of eateries close during the first year, but this is easily avoidable with some knowledge about restaurant promotion.  Here are a few tips on how to survive in this wild field.

Special offer

Create an offer that cannot be refused. It should last for at least 30 days, so that the information would have enough time to spread around, and more customers would have the chance to use it. The discount does not have to be very big, usually 25% is more than enough. Then post it on Facebook, and state that the first 3 people who comment and share the post would get it for half the price, or even for free. Do not forget to tag your restaurant as the location and, of course, post an appetizing picture of the dish!


People love posting pictures of food on Instagram. So make it beneficial to your own business! Create an account so that clients could tag your restaurant and all the pictures would appear on your page. It is simple as that. Of course, you will have to post exciting and appealing images of food yourself, but doesn’t it feel pleasant to receive many “hearts”?


Whether you post your pictures on Facebook or Instagram, try to keep the quality high. Social media is full of different images, and people are getting a lot pickier about what they see. Your pictures will improve if you are careful with lightning – try to create as natural lightning as possible. Use color correcting apps, but don’t go overboard. The food still has to look edible. Try to keep a balance in your pictures: choose one theme or style that you will keep for a longer period, because this is going to be your identity.


Instagram can be useful not only for gaining more clients, but it can serve as a tool in building the reputation. The link to your restaurants website can be placed only in the Instagram bio, so that your account stays solid and classy. Use tags, but post them in the comment section, so that the image caption stays clean from marketing.

What is wrapping?

We live in an online-driven environment, therefore a delivery service is a crucial thing for your restaurant. There is a huge chance that you will gain more new clients via this platform. But you will not stand out a lot from other restaurants with just an ordinary delivery service. Embrace your creative side! What about turning your vehicles into marketing machines by making them look entertaining? Consider vehicle wrap – the majority of people who see them remember the graphics. It will reach a wider audience, it is not aggressive like prints ads, and it is targeted because you are advertising for your local market.


There is a saying that all food tastes better when you eat it outside. So why not consider participating in an open-air kitchen event? When people, whether they are drivers or pedestrians, see others enjoying themselves while eating outside, they want to become a part of that group. Open-air kitchen festivals are a great opportunity to show off your restaurant and to get in touch with the public. They reach a broader spectrum of guests than naturally would come to your restaurant. And it is also beneficial for chefs because they can hang out together, share their passion for cooking with others and get inspired in this way.

Now that you have become familiar with these restaurant promotion tips, you have an opportunity to maintain (or even start!) a successful business. You don’t have to strictly follow these advices, rather adjust them to your own preference. You will never know if it works, if you don’t give it a try, but keep in mind that you have to find a way to stay visible in the market in order to create a strong business.


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