How to discover your employee’s creative side?

Creativity is one of the main factors all of the recruitment agencies are looking for. Why? Well, creativity is a trait that is extremely valuable in any work setting, because it allows a person to express their thoughts, ideas and feelings a lot more freely. Having a creative mind can bring you a lot of success in various situations, whether it’s work or life, in general.

Unfortunately, it often happens that a person does not feel comfortable in a workplace, he or she might feel a bit restricted and caged up. Places where there is no room for creativity can be extremely challenging, especially if the job itself is very repetitive, there’s a lot of stress that leads to discomfort of both the employee and the manager. However, as a manager, you have the power to change some things around and one of your main priorities should be to focus on encouraging creativity. Not only can this help you to motivate your employees, but it can also lead your employees into coming up with better, more effective and more innovative decisions that could potentially bring more success in the future.


One of the best things you can come up with, as a manager, is to create a relaxing and stress-free work environment. Although, don’t turn it into an amusement park, fun is good, but it still is an office. That smell of fresh coffee and soft couches go a long way. Try to encourage people to have group coffee breaks, because that is when some of the best ideas are generated. Small things matter in this case, because it allows your employees to feel more like they’re at home, which will eliminate the sense of monotony.

Solve problems together.

No matter the size of the problem, big or small, try not to leave your employees to deal with those problems by themselves. Anger, conflicts and negative emotions will never lead into solving problems. Instead, try to organise group meetings to discuss the ongoing problems, look for solutions together. This will help you to increase the sense of trust and communication, but at the same time encourage your employees to generate creative solutions and ideas.

Adjust work schedule.

Making a more flexible work schedule does not mean that your employees should leave work whenever they feel like it. However, if there aren’t any meetings or tasks of extremely big importance then maybe letting your employees to work from home or a coffee shop, from time to time, might be very valuable. It is scientifically proven that working from home or other non-office-like places increase the levels of creativity and productivity.

Managers tend to underestimate the potential that their employees have. However, sometimes it takes only a few tweaks and changes in the office, to bring the potential up to surface. Make sure your employees know that creativity and innovation goes hand-in-hand with company’s overall success. Try to make your employees feel relaxed when at work, don’t try to restrict them too much, let them create, experiment and innovate.

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