How to measure candidate’s level of ethics?

We want to introduce you to a new recruitment test, which will allow you to test how ethical is your candidate.

Work ethic test is created in order to measure the level of involvement, in any non-work related activities, of the candidate. One of the main focus of this test is to identify how the candidate views himself and the others. This test has a unique structure: It is only in English, has 140 questions and the time limit of 18-20 minutes.

In order to ensure the validity of the test, there are certain questions and hidden triggers that will indicate if the answer was falsified. This particular test took 3 years of development and meets the ISO 26000 requirements.

Here are the main 6 measurements of the test:

  • Honesty and attention to detail
  • Following of the rules and regulations
  • Sense of company’s ownership and representation
  • Following of specific obligations
  • Code of ethics and equality
  • Respect for others

If you think that all or the majority of these 6 dimensions are applicable to your own company and you want to reinforce the sense of respect, ownership and dedication, then this might be the perfect test for you. So, would you like to how it works? Contact us and we will tell you everything that you need to know and guide your through every step of the way.

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