How to Prevent Employee Turnover in Your Restaurant?

A certain level of employee turnover is unavoidable in any company but too much of it can become dangerous to your business. It is not only a huge waste of time but also incredibly expensive since you have to find and to retrain new employees. Usually employees leave if they did not have voice, if they did not get along with company’s values and culture, and also for the lack of recognition. So what particularly is it possible to do in order to prevent employee turnover?

Show the career path

Let your employees know that there is enough space for their growth in your company. There is nothing more demotivating at work than knowing that you will have to stay in the same spot for the rest of the years, unless someone else quits their job and you can take it over. So tell your employees about a real example of someone that built his or her career in your company. Such a story of success will inspire them to stay, since they will clearly know that they can actualize their dreams there. Or maybe they can get more responsibility in their current positions. In any case, it will be a great chance for them to enhance their careers, and it will be a great way to thank your team for their beautiful performance.

Improve working environment

Employees usually start looking for a new job when they get to the point of exhaustion. So do not make this mistake and find out if you aren’t overworking your team. If you require too many hours (even though the staff gets paid for that), you can lead them to burnout which makes them look for something healthier for them. Offer your staff prizes, give them praise, offer a reasonable sallary and make sure they are treated well by all managers. They should also have enough time for their family because they have the right to use vacation time. One more interesting fact: employees that are working excessively long hours, take more time to perform the same tasks as they normally would. So that is one more reason for cultivating a healthy working environment.

Be careful when hiring people

One of the main mistakes when opening the restaurant can be done or could be avoided at the very beginning of everything. And that is related with poor staff performance. Employees that have a negative attitude and perform badly can contribute to other staff members developing a negative attitude just by demonstrating their dismissive behaviour at work. As positive vibes can easily spread in the workplace, unfortunately, it is as easy to spread the negative ones. So what should or can be done to prevent this from happening?

Let’s face it: you should admit that if you are a manager or a restaurant owner, you are knowledgeable in running a food business, but you probably are not a hiring specialist, even though you might have some experience in doing it. Many restaurant and hotel owners decide to recruit the staff on their own but unfortunately they face many problems with it: staff comes and goes and the business gets very unstable. So maybe you shouldn’t do everything on your own? A recruitment company is always there for you and it will definetily bring a lot of value and objectivity to your work. They will also give some great advices on how to bring the best from these employees. Remember: sometimes compromises must be done and you have to accept people the way they are. For instance, the cook you hired can be a genius in the kitchen but this does not mean that his personality is as perfect as his cooking skills. He can be annoying as hell but just learn to deal with it. Unfortunately, nobody is perfect.

Try to keep the workplace both fun and professional, show your team that they matter to you and the business. By following these tips you will manage to keep employee turnover at a bare minimum.


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