How to use social media to your advantage?

How to use social media to your advantage?

Did you know that having Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Youtube accounts can actually help you to recruit more of young talents? Here’s how to do it.

Post job advertisements to your website
 If you wish to attract more people to your website, make sure you post a job advertisement directly to your website. However, if people are checking your ads on job search portals and want to get more in-depth information about the position, then make sure you include a link to your original website.

Use hashtag’s
Hashtags are trendy nowadays and can help you to get more views. Try using #jobopening, #hiring or similar hashtags, because they will allow candidates that follow you on social media to keep up with your company and will expand the number of possible candidates. In September, #Ilooklikeanengineer was a trending hashtag and it was directed towards eliminating sexual inequality. This idea was generated by OneLogin security company, when they were looking for possible candidates for their job opening. Women from all around the world that were either working or studying in the field of engineering were posting that hashtag, so it helped the company to recruit more potential candidates.

Use more professional websites
LinkedIn is one of the most popular website used by professionals, because it is more oriented to business than socialising for fun. However other platforms can be used as well, let’s say that you are looking for a sales manager, a welder or project manager, take advantage of what different platforms have to offer. Try searching for specialised groups on both LinkedIn or Facebook, because a lot of people are using them nowadays.

Include your employees
In most cases, even if the employee is following his own company, he will not be willing to share or post anything regarding his company, unless he is asked to do so. Make sure you tell your employees that you involve your employees in the recruitment process, make them feel comfortable with sharing company’s posts or job openings, because they might have a friend, acquaintance or a relative that could match the requirements for a job.

Use visual aids
Do you have professional photographers or just people who like to take good quality pictures in your office? Good, make sure to take advantage of that, encourage them to provide visual aid for your company. According to one research, 53% of people would rather choose a post that has some visual aid added to it, then the one without any visuals. Meanwhile, 84% of participants actually opened the link when it had added visuals. (More statistics: This shows that visual aids add value to your website and your job advertisements.

To conclude, make sure you use the social media the right way, because good use of it can bring you more clients, candidates, attention and success, but bad use of social media might bring you more negatives than positives. It a very good tool for recruitment, marketing and sale’s purpose, just make sure you use it to your advantage.

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