Mindfulness apps that will boost your mental health

Having stable mental health is a big challenge nowadays since many people are stressed due to their personal issues, busy working schedules, and hustling lifestyles. However, some of the external stressors that can influence our wellbeing include major life events, ongoing world conflicts, pandemics, and much more. It is essential to stay up to date and not distance yourself from the news source, however, it’s even more important to set limits to how much information you should consume. Recent research had found that an individual may develop anxiety, PTSD, sleep disturbances, and even more serious mental traumas if he is routinely being exposed to depressing and disturbing events.

The topic of mental health is being widely discussed nowadays and there are many solutions that can potentially improve a person’s wellbeing. There is an ample number of ways to cope with stress, some professionals suggest staying active and distancing yourself from technology, others focus more on the body, lifestyle, and social interactions. In any case, we are lucky to have plenty of mobile apps that are available for everyone and that combine all practical tips as well as reading materials, which would definitely boost your mental state. Here are 5 most popular apps for self-care and welfare



The “Calm” app was founded in 2012 by entrepreneurs with the mission to help people and introduce them to meditation, different ways of relaxation and improve their sleep quality. Calm has a gorgeous interface with beautiful background imaginary and users can even customize the dashboard according to their own preferences. The main goal of the app is to improve the mental health of each individual, by offering focus and self-improvements meditations, which would also improve sleep quality and reduce stress and anxiety levels.

Main Benefits:

  • Meditations available for kids and teenagers ages 3-17
  • Check-in feature for tracking mood and gratitude
  • Large selection of music with a sleep timer option
  • Easy to use

Price: $14.99 a month


If you were ever interested in positive psychology or cognitive behavioral therapy, then Happify is the perfect self-guided app for you. App’s content is aspiring and approachable for people who don’t have knowledge in psychology and therapy. Happify aims to help their users with building mindfulness, gain confidence and improve self-esteem, decrease anxiety levels and stop negative thought patterns. Happify app relies on science and that’s why they collaborate with VIA Institute on Character to closely assess different character traits and develop unique approaches.

Main Benefits :

  • User-friendly and non-intimidated app
  • Learning materials, activities journals, and notes are supported by scientific researches
  • Wide variety of guided meditations and quick activities

Price: $14.99 per month


Headspace is one of the most popular and frequently downloaded apps in the world, due to its huge variety of meditations, breathing exercises, and other stress-relieving exercises. The app has four main categories: meditate, sleep, move and focus. There are numerous meditations for finding focus, creativity, and confidence. As for the “sleep” section it includes nighttime meditations, sleep radio which contains different relaxing sounds, and “sleep casts”. The “Move” section has a wide assortment of workouts guided by Olympians and finally “focus” section offers guided meditations and calming music. Headspace is also suitable for kids since it teaches them the basics of meditation and provides simple courses on the importance of benevolence and kindness.

Main benefits:

  • Great for beginners
  • Contains more than 100 meditations
  • Statistics and daily progress is provided
  • Website content is free and available for all users.

Price: $13 per month

Insight Timer

Insight tracker is a unique app with more than 44,000 meditations that can fit absolutely everyone. It is a huge library that consists of different workshops, live events yoga classes, and of course meditations on topics like stress, sleep, self-esteem, etc. It’s also great for kids because it has stories that are engaging and can boost kids’ interest in the area. One of the coolest things that “Insight Timer ” offers is the ability to connect with your mentors and the community, as each person has a different approach on the same issue, and sharing personal experiences might be helpful.

Main Benefits:

  • More than 44,000 meditations
  • Great variety of content
  • Opportunity to connect with other like-minded people
  • Free yoga classes and workshops are available

Price: $10 per month


Moodkit is an evidence-based app since it was developed by two clinical psychologists and it is also based on the principles that are frequently used in cognitive behavioral therapy. A “journal” feature can be used to track your current mood and focus on positive thoughts. It also has a wide variety of activities that a user can select and practice, for example, employment, productivity, social, physical, and healthy habits. All of the activities rely on scientific principles, that are designed to help each person cope with stress, reduce anxiety, find life balance, and improve overall wellbeing.

Main Benefits:

  • Science and evidence-based
  • Track your progress with the “journal” feature
  • Affordable price

Price: $4.99