People that can sell successfully

If you have ever have came face-to-face with sales, then you know that it is not for everyone. There are a lot of different traits that makes a good salesperson, regardless of what product or service you are selling. What should your next sales manager should look like? What qualities he or she should possess? Well, here are the 10 traits that make a great salesperson:

Respect is very important, since sales are based on communication. A good salesman will always show respect to the customer. Small things matter in this case, so calling and asking if it is a good time to talk or just simply respecting the precious time of your customer goes a long way. Try to be as polite as possible, because strong relationships between you and your customer serves as a great foundation for future success.

Let’s be honest, a customer is not going to call you first, it just does not work that way. As a salesperson you need to show initiative, pick up that phone and dial. This is what separates an average salesperson and a great one, because great salespeople take matters into their own hands. Also, you must know everything that there is to know about the product or service that you are selling. When you are looking for a sales manager to hire, make sure you ask them about the strategies they have used in the past. What worked? What didn’t? This will help you to evaluate them.

Paying attention to the smallest details is very important. When you are talking to your clients, make sure to ask questions, because getting as much information about your customer’s needs as possible, will help you to get a better understanding of what product or service should you sell to that specific client. This will also help you to build stronger relationships with your customers, because they will feel that you are really interested in them and you care about their needs and wants.

“No”, “No, thanks”, “Not interested”, and other similar words and phrases are things you should be familiar with as a salesperson. As mentioned before, sales are not for everyone, because you must have a “thick” skin. At times, you’ll deal with customers that will be upset about certain things, they will complain or even just ignore you, but handling that is just a part of your job. Again, when looking for potential candidates for a sales position, make sure you ask them about their most difficult sale and how they handled it, this will help you to evaluate how confident and ambitious the candidates really are.

This means, being able to get out of your comfort zone. Most of the times, a flexible person will have no problem adjusting to a different environment, new tasks or new work methods. For example, if there is a situation where a manager tells you to work and sell according to the way he wants and you are able to change your work style to match his.

Even thought there are different ways to make a sale, most of the communication is done via some sort of phone, whether it is a mobile phone or a landline phone. A great salesperson knows that first few seconds of your call are crucial, because it sets the mood of the conversation. If you are positive, friendly and have a nice attitude then you can sell more, automatically you will sell more than a sad, unmotivated or tired person. Positivity is important because it can help you to turn a “no” client into a “yes” client.

Sometimes it feels like the conversation with your client is not going to where you would like it to go, what do you do? Well, if you are creative enough then you will find a way to stir the conversation towards successfully completing the sale. A strong salesperson will have a “no is not an answer” kind of attitude, because they are success oriented and will try to do everything in their power to make that sale using their creativity, imagination and ability to persuade.

Make sure you are passionate about what you are doing, if you do not feel comfortable when selling or you lack confidence, then maybe sales is not for you. Salespeople feel good about their job, they enjoy selling and communicating with others. An unsuccessful sale might discourage some people, but for a passionate salesperson it is the opposite. Instead, they get motivated when something does not work out. When hiring for a sales position, make sure you ask your candidate about his or her previous work experience, products they sold, this will help you to evaluate their level of passion towards selling.

No, not hungry for food. Hungry for success. Most of the salespeople are maximalists, meaning that they are always striving for more. Whether it is more sales or a larger group of clients, there is always something that salespeople want to get better at or increase.

Last but not least, is a combination of all of the previously mentioned traits. Having a good personality, in general, is a very good thing, because it will allow you to connect with new and potential clients a lot easier. A person that gets motivated or inspired after talking to others is a person that you want.

So, these are the most important traits that all great salespeople have, some have all, while others have a few, but all of them can be developed over time. Next time you are looking for a candidate to fill in the sales position, make sure you look for these 10 traits in your potential employee. Not only a great salesperson will increase the sales and productivity, but will also bring a wave of positive and uplifting energy.

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