Recruiting Trends – Video Interviewing

The planet is facing chaos in all spheres as a result of the coronavirus, and hiring is no exception. What effect has the global health crisis had on recruiting, and how will talent hunting have adjusted after the crisis has passed? COVID-19 had transformed recruitment in an instant, and now video communication is a new normal on a daily basis. Here are some useful practices on how to conduct a successful interview with your future employees.

The virus outbreak has changed a large segment of the workforce in unexpected ways. Employees are turning their living rooms into workspaces while balancing parenting, social and personal lives. Remote employment has become the current standard as a result of distancing steps and other preventative measures. It has been a year since companies started to maintain their operations online and it is anticipated that the business world may never go back to working fully off-line. Both executives and employees have had to obtain a new set of soft and hard skills to make the new approach to their jobs work, especially in hiring managers.

Efficient software is now available to assist organizations looking to recruit. Virtual recruiting is a popular way to keep hiring procedures going forward while keeping recruiters and applicants safe and healthy. Although the transition can be difficult at first, talent management experts are proving they are up to the challenge. Actual phone interviews will continue, but face-to-face interviews will now be conducted remotely. Many employers are giving applicants the option of video interviews as quickly as possible to reduce the time-to-hire. While some companies want to wait for an off-line interview, others are concerned about losing applicants to a competitor while they delay. Numerous executives, HR professionals, and those hiring still have many essential questions. How do I pick successful employees online? What techniques of evaluating a candidate’s integrity can be used during a remote interview? Is it possible for all workers to work from home?

The online interview format can have a variety of benefits, the first of which is that it can help to save time and money. Interruptions, disconnection, flickering backgrounds, lagging sound, or slow video all influence the consistency and quality of the interview. These distractions should be removed in order to be prepared for the interview with the least interruption.

Reliable technology is essential. Recruiters who are new to video interviewing platforms should follow the best practices and check the program before meeting with a job seeker. Be sure to get prepared for a video call just as you would be for an actual in-person interview, learn more about your candidate, look through their CV and portfolio. Also, don’t forget to send a welcoming email to your candidate with some instructions on how to use and prepare software for the interview with your company.

Additionally, there is a strong benefit of online recruitment because you have a chance to see the personality of the candidate. Of course, we always try to show our best sides in job interviews but when the person is not as aware they are being monitored,  you can better see their real self. You may be able to observe the candidate while he/she believes no one is looking at them. For instance, if you have to take a call or other planned interruption during the interview off-screen but keeping their video active. The applicant relaxes and becomes natural while waiting. This is an amazing chance to observe how your future employee behaves when comfortable.

You can also use some specific questions to understand the personality and abilities of the applicant. Examine the first and most critical quality, accountability, which includes the ability to work without constant control of the manager. This feature is really important as the majority of employees are operating remotely and independently.  Ask questions like “Why are certain people good in your career (the position the applicant is applying for) and others are not?” Listen carefully because you can find out their disposition and attitude by analyzing the questions of the concept of “locus control.” Locus of control is the degree to which people believe that they have control over the outcome of events in their lives, as opposed to external forces (beyond their influence).

Finally, discipline is an important skill for a remote worker, check the time-management prioritization skills of the recruited employee again by asking questions. You can do a quick test for example by asking, “What criteria do you use to assess the relevance of tasks?” or “You have the following tasks during the day, what is your plan of action?”

In summation, video interviewing has many advantages that could greatly benefit your company. From the ability to more clearly see the personalities of the candidates to decreasing costs of the recruitment process, online interviewing can be very helpful. By asking mindful questions and analyzing answers, the interview process will feel much the same whether online or face-to-face, allowing successful recruitment of exemplary employees.

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