The 2024 Trends and Forecast in Hospitality sector

As 2023 is coming to an end, we are already helping our clients to plan seasons of 2024 to guide hotels through the complexities of economic trends and workforce dynamics. Let’s see how we can translate challenges into actionable strategies, and emphasize the nuanced value of ROI in human resources.

Investing in Sustainable Talent

Sustainability has become a pivotal focus for the hospitality industry, influencing not only operational efficiencies but also talent acquisition. Our recruitment strategies align with this paradigm shift, pairing forward-thinking hotels with professionals who are passionate about sustainable practices. This alignment is critical as’s 2021 Sustainable Travel Report highlights a clear trend: 83% of global travelers think sustainable travel is vital, and 61% indicate a desire to travel more sustainably in the future .

Personalization Through Tech

As we advance toward 2024, our recruitment strategies are bolstered by AI and data analytics to predict and reduce employee turnover. These advanced tools enable us to identify turnover patterns and build predictive models, which can highlight risk factors and trigger proactive retention strategies. By personalizing these strategies to address specific employee concerns, such as career growth opportunities or job satisfaction, we can intervene before turnover occurs. Although specific turnover reduction percentages vary by implementation and context, the strategic use of AI in recruitment and retention promises significant improvements in workforce stability .

Staffing for ‘Bleisure’

The rise of ‘bleisure’ demands a versatile workforce. We’re here to provide staffing solutions that cater to this evolving traveler profile, ensuring your investment in staffing yields satisfied guests and seamless operations.

‘Bleisure’: Catering to the New Hybrid Traveler

The ‘bleisure’ phenomenon is here to stay. With data indicating a steady climb in workcation trends, our recruitment efforts are fine-tuned to source multifaceted professionals who can effortlessly pivot between the needs of business and leisure guests. This versatility in staffing is a direct response to the evolving travel landscape, ensuring your investment in human resources meets the nuanced demands of today’s traveler.

Strategic Marketing: Employer Brand in Hotel Industry

A robust online presence is the cornerstone of contemporary brand strategy. Our marketing solutions for the hospitality sector are meticulously crafted to ensure your employer brand shines across all digital touchpoints. This online narrative is your beacon to attract top-tier talent and is crucial in an age where 95% of job seekers emphasize the importance of a company’s online reputation when choosing where to apply.

For hotels, where competition for top talent is fierce, this is not just about being visible; it’s about embodying a brand that resonates with values and culture. It’s about transforming every employee into an advocate for a brand that champions excellence and sustainability.

Financial Planning: The Bedrock of Recruitment

Financial acumen in recruitment goes beyond budgeting—it’s about achieving a delicate balance between cost and quality. Our strategic financial planning for HR ensures that your hiring budget is an investment yielding high returns in productivity and employee satisfaction. By adopting our financial planning strategies, hotels can weather economic fluctuations, backed by a team that delivers consistently high performance.

Championing Local Expertise: A Global Appeal

With a surge in domestic travel, our focus on local expertise equips your hotel to offer genuinely Norwegian experiences. The recruitment of local talent not only fosters a sense of community but also translates into an authentic guest experience, a key differentiator in a competitive market. The promotion of local knowledge is not just a nod to tradition—it’s an investment in a unique brand identity that captures the essence of Norway’s hospitality.

Ethical Recruitment: The Human Element of ROI

At the heart of our recruitment philosophy lies a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. By fostering a workplace that values diverse perspectives, we’re not just adhering to ethical standards—we’re enhancing creativity, innovation, and guest relations.

In an era of intense competition, the cultivation of an employer brand that champions diversity is not just a moral imperative but a strategic one. A 2015 McKinsey report underscores the financial wisdom of this approach, revealing that companies with diverse management teams were 35% more likely to outperform their peers . For hotels, embracing this ethos is vital—prospective employees are increasingly drawn to inclusive workplaces that mirror the diversity of the world around them.

Engaging with ‘Hotel Soprana’ podcast: A Conversational Insight into Hospitality

To deepen your understanding of the industry’s pulse, tune into ‘Hotel Soprana’, our podcast where, alongside executive coach and process consultant Sebastian Wanitschka, we unpack the intricacies of hospitality. Each episode is a treasure trove of insights, offering hoteliers firsthand perspectives on trends, challenges, and success stories.

As we approach the precipice of 2024, our recruitment firm is not just a participant but a sculptor of the hospitality industry’s future. By harnessing sustainable practices, cutting-edge technologies, and strategic financial planning, we’re paving the way for a thriving sector. Join us on this transformative journey, and together, let’s craft a hospitality narrative that’s as enduring as it is exceptional.