Virtual recruitment. Is it the new normal?

We are told that we are the ones who create modern history. With rapid urbanization and technological development, our world has changed fast and is much different than it used to be 100 years ago. The changes that previously would have required years of adjustment have now become a part of our daily lives within weeks and months. After the year 2020, usual economical and educational systems have changed, as has everything. Leaders of companies are no longer traveling to different countries for a meeting. Students all around the globe are no longer sitting to learn in their classrooms. Managing a business took drastic adjustments, and the process of recruitment has as well. How do we connect with future employees in a time full of uncertainty?

Enhance the diversity of your working environment.

Not so long ago we were looking for workers around the local community. If an employee was coming from a different region, it was important for them to make a move to where the company was located. Big corporations and small companies were hiring people and expected them to be in the office or on campus every day, working altogether in one place. However, when everyone faced global lockdowns and quarantines restricting travel; countries and nations became closer to each other than ever before. Human Resource departments are not limited by geographical locations anymore.  They can look for the best fit for their business all around the world, as we all have adjusted to working from home. It doesn’t matter where you are located now if you can do your work efficiently. The main advice for Recruiters this year is not to be limited while looking for the best specialist. Modern technology gives us endless opportunities to connect with possible candidates anywhere. Hiring employees from all over the world also increases the cultural diversity of your company. This diversity can benefit you in many ways, from giving perspectives and different points of view for marketing strategies and brainstorming sessions, to improving cultural awareness within the company.

Discover new platforms to post your job offer.

The same way that it is so easy to keep in touch with people digitally, also makes it amazingly simple to share job offers. Online job boards were popular but today the internet provides us with a grand, global space for employee-hunting. Consider placing some of your job offers on Facebook groups, channels in FB Messenger, etc. A lot of communities, clubs, universities, and activists are gathering now in the digital world. There are so many tools to help recruit within chats, groups, video conferences, live streams, and different social media outlets. This is your chance to post a job offer in the place it needs to be, by finding the place where your target audience is spending its time online. For example, in addition to your publication on online job boards writing a post on your personal LinkedIn page allows you to gather some personal recommendations from your network. Also, place the job offer on the company’s official LinkedIn page, so candidates would be able to apply directly from the website. Last but not least, of course, is Facebook. Do you need an employee for the entry-level job or an intern? Look for universities in your area, usually educational establishments have special pages on social media where students can search for the job. Connect through university groups and make students aware of the opportunity that you have to offer.

Virtual recruitment is the new normal.

In fact, the online hiring process will likely continue to be with us for a long time as it has already even become a part of our usual day-to-day recruitment process. These changes in employee-hunting also save money and time for companies; on individual meetings, transportation, and catering to list a few. In the future, it likely will be up to the HR specialist to decide which model is preferred to conduct the recruiting and hiring process. For example, the interviewing and initial tasks might be held fully online for the minor-level positions. On the other hand, while selecting candidates for the managing or executive position, the process most likely would be handled in dual form, combining online and in-person meetings.

Talent-hunting today is nothing like it used to be in previous years. Companies and organizations have had to adjust to the modern realities and transfer most of their work online. Hybrid workflow, onsite/offsite modes, virtual interviews instead of usual person-to-person meetings have affected Human Resource strategies as well. Modern recruitment specialists now possess many new technologies and platforms to improve their work in our ever-changing times. In 2021, recruiting doesn’t have the same boundaries. It shapes a diverse, comfortable, and compound work culture.

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