Why is it Important to Have a Good Kitchen Chef?

The success of a good restaurant highly depends on the staff, but the staff would not get anywhere without a skillful chef. Chef is the star of the restaurant, so it can attract more customers, but if you are unsuccessful with choosing, your business might be ruined. The chef cook is the person, who organizes all the work in the restaurant kitchen, and he is also the link between the owner of the restaurant and the rest of the employees. A chef cook can be compared to the orchestra conductor, and this means that the success of the restaurant highly depends on him.

He will save you money

One of the most important qualities a good chef has is building intelligence, that requires cleverness in math.  Smart chefs know how to save ingredients and to make most profit of them. They can quickly calculate food costs even without given the information needed, because they are able to control the size of the portion, which leads to accurate menu engineering. For instance, chefs can use equations in order to estimate how many crèmes brûlées can be made with 27 egg yolks. Even when chefs decide to think outside the box and do not precisely stick to the original recipe, math is useful to ensure the right proportions are maintained. Math can be advantageous when converting measurements (ounces to grams, cups to milliliters etc.)  In such way, the ingredients are not wasted and the money is saved.

He will be able to create the most satisfying meal

Many talented chefs are graduates from cooking schools, where they had kitchen chemistry and biology classes. Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences had lectures on “Energy, Temperature, Heat” or “Medical Technology Producing Hamburgers” (https://www.seas.harvard.edu/science-and-cooking-2016). Those kitchen gurus utilize a variety of chemical reactions in their daily work. For example, they are familiar with the process of spherification, a technique when a flavorful liquid is shaped into a sphere. That is a valuable skill in creating textures in most dishes. Biology might help to discover certain food combinations that are most appetizing to a larger group of people.

He will build the best team

A good chef can lead the team, because he understands and listens to every staff member. He is able to comprehend the restaurant brand, so he manages to create a favorable menu and he also does not take away from your identity. A professional chef is an example for all the staff, because he dictates the process in the kitchen. He is supposed to know all the answers, and the staff will take him seriously only when he has mastered the technical craft of cooking in stressful and tense situations. Actually, Multi-Michelin starred chef Gordon Ramsay said that stress is even beneficial at work, “I think pressure is healthy, and very few can handle it.”

He will save time, and time is money

Almost every professional chef can proudly say that he is organized, because it prevents one from getting distracted. Before starting a new dish, chef places every component in its right place, so that he literally moves inches. That way, he focus into quality, and avoids walking circles around while searching for basil. In a well-organized kitchen there is less chance that something can go wrong. An organized chef saves time, and this means that he can use his spare time for, let say, creating a new dish.

It is important to choose the right chef, because he will not disappoint you, and could there be anything more valuable in business than trust? Many restaurants are unsuccessful, because they have such poor standards for the product that leaves the kitchen, because it all started from the top. But this will not happen to you, if you choose the right chef, because he will set the highest standards of company’s culture.


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